DIY glitter clock

Do you ever just get the sudden overwhelming urge to make something? About once a month I get the craft bug which involves a pretty expensive trip to Michaels and at least a second degree burn from my hot glue gun— this project does not involve either! 

For this DIY you need only four things and a surface to work on!

  • A cheap dollar store or Goodwill clock
  • School glue or Mod Podge
  • A paintbrush or sponge
  • Lots of glitter in the color of your choice
  • Optional- paint to make your numbers stand out 

My clock came with a paper background design so I peeled it of as best I could. I didn't bother scraping off all the brown paper because I felt like the glitter would stick to it better.

So step one, if it applies to you is to start with a neutral background by removing a patterned design or painting over a funky pattern. 


Once you have your neutral base ready, paint the entire face of the clock with a medium layer of glue. 

Be careful around the hands of the clock trying not to get glue anywhere on them. (Especially in between, whoops)

I let the glue dry for 1-2  minutes so it gets tacky and then without any precise measurement, dumped a ton of glitter on top. 

To get the glitter around the clock I just simply shook the clock back and forth to spread the glitter around until the entire surface is covered. If you have excess glitter on the clock dump it onto a piece of paper or into a bag and funnel it back into your glitter container. 

Your final product should have a thin layer of glitter all over the clock, you shouldn't see any glue. 

This is the top part of my clock, it was a brown color so I quickly painted it white so that you could actually see the numbers on the clock. Let everything dry over the night and then carefully put the pieces back together. 

 I've dropped it a few more times as you can see by the little cracks. Oops!

I've dropped it a few more times as you can see by the little cracks. Oops!

Voila! There you have it, an adorable glitter clock that is WAY cheaper than any you would find pre-made. I keep mine by my vanity so I can see how late I am in style.

I made this clock (and took all the instructional pictures) almost a year ago and the clock is still holding up and keeping time and looking ADORABLE today! I hope you try to make this, you can use any color or type of glitter you want. If you do, share it with me on my social media listed below.

Happy crafting!!

xo, bea