DIY Mother's Day cards

Finding the right card is super hard. I always find myself wondering through the aisles of a supermarket reading every card they have to no avail, the cards are always either too sappy or too blunt. For as long as I can remember I've been making my own cards because of this.

When I was young, my cards were covered in stickers and glitter and crappy illustrations, and now that I'm a sophisticated adult they still are. Below is a quick guide on how to make your own personal card for this Mother's day. 

So let's jump in! Here's what you'll need:

  • Water colors or markers
  • Brushes
  • Postcard sized mixed media paper- the card stock shown above is from Michaels
    • OR any mixed media paper- you can cut it to the size you need
  • School glue with a fine tip spout
  • Glitter

So these cards are good because you don't have to be neat or follow the lines, just choose colors the person you're making the card for would like and go wild!


The easiest way to get patterns like this is to use different brushes. I used a stiff square tipped brush for the squares, a thick pointed brush for the dots, and a thin angled brush to make the lines. Overlap your colors go crazy! As long as you choose complimentary colors your card will look beautiful. 

Next step, personalize. This is where the glitter comes in. Using your school glue, spell out the name of the person getting the card very carefully. I've found it's much easier (and neater) to write your letters all capitalized. Cursive gets a little messy and harder to read. Once you have your glue letters gently shake your glitter over top of them and let the card sit for a minute. I recommend doing this over a sheet of paper to catch all loose glitter. After a minute shake the excess glitter onto the paper and funnel it back into the glitter container. If you don't horde glitter like me then you can totally shake it into the trash, it's less messy but what's the fun in that?



Now keep in mind, you're using glue to write these letters and they are going to be a little messy. I kind of like that the letters don't turn out perfect because you know they're handmade! However if you want your letters to be perfect, you could trace some bubble letters lightly with pencil and fill in the lines with the glue, using a toothpick to clean up any stray liquid.

If glitter isn't your style, use a marker to write on the front or just leave it blank! These cards are supposed to be easy and cute, so do what feels special to you!


Now you have the whole back of the card to write a special, and personal, message to the lucky lady of your choice. I love these cards because they can be used not only for mothers, maternal figures, or expecting mothers, but they're also great for ladies who've struggled with conceiving or adopting or for women who might have lost their mother recently. 

I hope you give these cards a try, if you do send me photos! They're a cute and funky way to let a special woman in your life feel loved. Nothing is better than a gift from the heart! 

Happy Mother's Day to all my mamas out there! ❤

xo, bea