Bullet Journaling

The Bullet Journal. If you've ever had a conversation with me and organization/planning comes up at all, even slightly, I've probably screeched about how much the Bullet Journal system has saved my life. 

The Bullet Journal, known affectionately as BuJo, was created by Ryder Carroll to be a simple, clean, and minimalist approach to planning. However with bloggers, Youtubers, and Pinterest Bullet Journaling has transformed into more of an art form for creative expression (and showing off your hand lettering) than a minimalist day planner, and hey that is A-OK with me! 

Using the BuJo has not only made me more organized and efficient, but I also feel so much more creative than I did before. I get a weekly, sometimes daily, dose of creativity. Bullet Journaling has given me a reason to get my creative ideas flowing and to learn how to do new things. I was in a major creative slump at the end of 2016 and without my lil' BuJo I'm certain my life wouldn't be as colorful. 

So if I've sold you that you need to start Bullet Journaling lets get started! You need a good sturdy notebook and a ruler or straight edge. Optional supplies are markers like the Tombow brush pens, washi tape, and sharpies. For my notebook I use the grey Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook and in my opinion it's the BEST.  For all my Louisvillians, Preston Art Center has all of the supplies you'll need except for the notebook but they have plenty of great notebook options!


The Bullet Journal is basically split into four sections: future log, monthly spreads, weekly spreads, and collections. You start your notebook with a Key, the key will be your guide as you set up your journal and notate the things you've got to do. I went from my key to my future log which lays out the year ahead. There are literally hundreds of way to set this up and I recommend looking on Pinterest to get a feel for what would work best for you. After my future log I set up my school year at a glance so I could see my weekly schedule, where my classes were, and some motivational goals for the year. I totally recommend having a page like this if you're in school it was incredibly helpful and cute.  Scroll through the two images below to see these spreads.

After you set up the basic good stuff you start with your monthly spread. Since I started mine at the beginning of 2017, I started with January. If you scroll through the pictures below you can see how different each monthly spread is. As you use your journal you see what works for you practically and aesthetically. Monthly spreads should contain an overview of the month and the things you need to get done in it. I include goals I want to focus on and a list of upcoming events. Your monthly can be simple like this one or super detailed and complicated like mine. :-) Again, look around the internet to see ideas that inspire you! Scroll through below to see my monthlies from January-May

After your monthlies come your weeklies. Weekly spreads should contain anything and everything relevant to your weekly schedule. You can put the weather, your outfit ideas, dinner plans, grocery lists, trackers to make sure you complete your goals for the week, literally anything relevant to you. I personally suck at using trackers (as you'll be able to see throughout these pages) so it's whatever works for you. I usually include a little box somewhere about things happening next week so I can be prepared, if you're an obsessive planner like me you could plan two weeks at once to have a complete view into the next week, but that's a lot of work and I say work smarter not harder. As with the monthlies you do whatever works best for you. I like to be extra creative with my weeklies but you can definitely stick to the minimalist approach. Scroll through below to see my favorite weeklies from the past five months.

I also definitely encourage using spreads at the end of each month to capture some memories or write down things you were grateful for throughout the month. After all this isn't just a planner, its a journal and looking through it should make you happy. 

This spread makes me the happiest and it's SO fun to create mini scrapbooks each month. There are so many cool things you can throw into your Bullet Journal to make your life happier and easier! Check out these resources for more design and content ideas: Carrie Crista, TinyRayofSunshine, BohoBerry, SheMeetsCity, and Caitlin's Corner. All of these YouTube channels inspired me and served as the foundation to starting my journal. I also check Pinterest literally every week before I plan. 

I sincerely hope you try out Bullet Journaling! It has improved my life in so many ways plus it's just fun. If you have any questions or need more inspiration drop a comment below and I will help you out. Thank you for letting me show you my pride and joy. 

xo, bea