A Self Care Guide

Self care is so important. Addressing my emotions and taking care of myself mentally and physically always motivates me, boosts my mood, and leaves me feeling capable to take on the rest of the week. On Sundays, even when I feel alright, I take time for myself and do things that I know will make me happy. This carved out piece of time is so nice and I always look forward to it. Below, check out my tips for self care, and how to get yourself happy and motivated. 


Before you can truly relax, you should tidy up your space and make the environment as comfy as possible. Light your favorite candle or burn some incense, plug in some twinkly lights, grab a cup of tea and a lil' snack, and create a cozy area to relax in. Surrounding yourself with your favorite things is an instant mood booster. 

 This book will change your life, trust me. 

This book will change your life, trust me. 


Face masks are so popular right now, you can find hundreds of DIY's and even more packaged masks in stores like Sephora, Target, or Lush. There's something about pulling your hair back, putting your robe on, and treating yourself to a face mask that makes you feel luxurious.

My favorite quick homemade mask just uses 1 tsp. turmeric, 1 tsp. Greek yogurt, and 1 tsp. honey. Mix it all up in a small bowl but make sure you don't get any on your clothes because the turmeric will stain! This mask brightens and evens out your skin tone and moisturizes. Apply the mask with your fingers and rinse it off after about 10 minutes. 

If face masks aren't your thing, try a body scrub. I love to use a scrub on my legs and feet and then give myself a pedicure. For my homemade body scrub I use:

4 tbs. Epsom salt (You can use more if you want a more exfoliating scrub and less for a more moisturizing scrub.)
1 tbs. melted coconut oil, jojoba oil, or pure cocoa butter
5 drops lavender essential oil
optional lavender buds for extra fancy 

I use my scrub while my water is heating up for my shower and then just wash it off during the shower! It leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed and softer than silk. It's incredible. 

Taking care of your skin doesn't take any time at all and makes you feel completely rejuvenated. These ideas are easy things that you can do for yourself nightly to make winding down easier and more relaxing. 


When I practice self care, it's usually at night when I'm getting ready for bed and I'm trying to relax. I love to watch some gentle yoga videos from Yoga with Adriene before bed. She has videos specifically for bedtime yoga that stretch your body out for a restful sleep, and even recommends you do them in bed because you'll be so relaxed afterward. I almost fell asleep on my mat once! 

 Yoga mat is from Gaiam and it's wonderful!

Yoga mat is from Gaiam and it's wonderful!

If you're not into yoga, you can try meditating or a body scan. All of these will get you in tune with how your body is feeling and will allow you to rest your mind for awhile.

If you're not doing self care before bed, why not take a walk or run through nature? Getting all those natural endorphins along with that happy energized feeling nature instills in you will definitely bring you peace and happiness. Finish off with a killer bubble bath complete with candles, a bath bomb, and your favorite music. 


After you've cared for your body, you have to care for your soul. Take time to just sit and create a list of manifestations or mantras. Manifestations are things that you wish to be true, think of it like the law of attraction. If you write out these manifestations and think about them or say them out loud every day, you will be more likely to achieve these things. Mantras are like little pep-talks to yourself, for example, I am strong and loved, I am creative and powerful. Things that make you feel like you can accomplish things, or just things that simply make you feel good. Writing these down so you can look at them when you feel bad is a game changer! 

Another thing I recommend all my friends to do, is to create a list of things that make you happy. Like rainy days when you can sleep in, the smell of brownies in your mom's kitchen, finding your favorite flowers at the supermarket, or how your grandma is always happy to see you. I could fill books with the things that bring me joy, and I'm sure you could too. So take a few minutes when you're feeling blue and write down all of the most beautiful things you can think of. Write something down whenever you think about it. That way when you're feeling very down, you have a visual reminder of all the happy and wonderful things about your life. Gratitude is key here, people. 


This is self care isn't it? Take a load off! Put your comfiest clothes on, sit down with a cup of tea or hot chocolate or maybe some nice cold moscato and relax! 

 Leggings from LuLaRoe Danya Kemp and shirt from Daisy Natives. ❤

Leggings from LuLaRoe Danya Kemp and shirt from Daisy Natives. ❤

Read a book, watch some TV, go online shopping! This is your time to tune out of your worries and do something that makes you happy. Call your parents or your best friends, laugh and smile and forget about everything else going on in the world. This time is for you, make the most of it! 

Let me know how you practice self care in the comments below!