Five Ways to Upgrade Your Space

I am so excited to share this post with you guys! I am a firm believer that if you make your home functional and beautiful, your home will work for you! When you create a living space that is bright and organized and exactly how you want it, you're more motivated to keep it that way. Below I have five tips and tricks on how to bring life and energy into your living space!


 Don't mind my glaring shadow :-)

Don't mind my glaring shadow :-)

Shelves are the easiest way to change the way a room looks. They can be practical or strictly for displaying ya' knick-knacks. I found these navy blue shelves at Goodwill for a dollar and repainted them to match the accent wall in my living room. 

Repainting shelves you already have will obviously change the way they look, but choosing an accent color you already have in a space creates a chic touch that ties together the entire room. 


I used these shelves to display things that make me happy and to hold the water and essential oil for my air diffuser! I think these square shelves would look great in the kitchen to hold spices or cute lil' salt shakers. 

2. Add some greenery 

Houseplants are my favorite way to bring energy into a space. It's so refreshing to have pops of green life especially if you live on the third floor in the middle of the city :)

Houseplants are PERFECT for filling the space on mantles or shelves. I am obsessed with hanging plants, but I don't think my ceiling could hold a whole pot. ABeautifulMess has a ton of beautiful hanging plant DIY's that are cheap, adorable, and great for a small space. 

If you're in the Kentuckiana area, Earth First, Grantline Nursery, Frank Otte Nursery, and even Home Depot! (My granny is my personal plant assistant, but if you're in need of some excellent plant suggestions, check out Bryce's Garden on Facebok!!)


My mom snatched this adorable blanket ladder from an antique shop Corydon, IN. You can get similar ones from Target, or you can make your own! Blanket ladders are great for the summertime to display those cute blankets you splurged on last winter, and can be used to cover a weird cement strip that no one ever bothered to paint over (see above)!


I got these little boxes from the Dollar Tree and they completely transformed my cabinets. I'm seriously too embarrassed to show a before photo. It's so nice to be able to reach into my cabinets when I'm half-asleep trying to make oatmeal in the morning and not knock anything over. It's not as exciting as buying cute lil' plant babies, but it's so rewarding to have a beautiful organized cabinet and these plastic boxes are so much easier to clean!


Mark and I share a small office that I have to store a LOT of craft supplies in. My craft area is a little cramped so the best way to fit everything in is by displaying things. I get so inspired to make things every time I look at it just because everything is so accessible. You can create a beautiful area simply by displaying the items that mean most to you!

Another option to add some artistic expression to your space is adding a chalkboard. This isn't totally a renter friendly option, when I was living at home I painted my closet door with chalkboard paint and it was my favorite part of the room. 


I really hope this post inspired you to get your decorating on this summer! Let me know in the comments what you want to do to make your home a place you really love. 

xoxo, bea