A Guide to Simplifying Your Life: Part Two

Welcome back to the simplifying your life series! This is the second step which means we're focusing on books.  I truthfully don't have a lot of books at my apartment which means this post will be short and sweet. 

To refresh you on the guidelines to the KonMari method we're gonna follow three steps: 
1. Take everything out of it's normal space and spread it out so you can see it all and decide one by one which you choose to keep.
2. Only keep items that spark joy in you- that is, they give you a thrill to think about reading them or keeping them.  
3. Every object must have a designated space in your home. If you can't find a space for something, you don't have a real use for it anyway. In this case, if you don't have room on your bookshelf for it, get rid of it!


This is the before picture of my bookshelf. No order whatsoever. So my first step was to take out all of the books from their regular spot and create stacks. I had some school books, Mark's books, books I actually love, and books I'll never read again. So I organized them all into piles and went through each book asking myself if it sparked joy or not. Some guiding questions you can use to declutter your books are: Do I love this book, or do I love the cover of this book? Have I read/reread this book in the last year? Will I ever reread this book? Is the only reason I'm keeping this book because it is part of a set?

I do live in a small apartment so I use the bottom shelf of my bookshelf to store DVD's so I included all of those here as well! Here I have my final piles of the things I'm keeping, getting rid of, and packing up. I wouldn't recommend packing anything up during this process, but I have books I will need for my future classroom one day that I don't have space for now. 

After I've sorted through all of my books, I need to put them back in order. There are tons of ways to organize your books. If you have gone through your books and you're still left with a huge collection, I recommend taking the time to go through and organize your books alphabetically either by author name or book title. If you're like me and have a small collection, I organized them by size so they look more *aesthetically pleasing* and I can see them all easily. 

For some reason I had a ton of trinkets on my bookshelf that didn't belong there or scratched the paint off so I moved/got rid of those things and created a more open space. I love the way this simple task completely changed the way my bookshelf (and my entire living room) looks. Click through below for more before and afters!

That's it, you're done! Remember to immediately take your donate/trash piles out of your space and where they need to be. Step back and treat yourself for a job well done. 

Thank you for following along on this journey! Next post will be all about decluttering paper and tidying up my desk, something I am quite nervous about. Also look forward to a post about a bookshelf face lift because now that I can actually see the old shelves, they need some work! 

Happy tidying!