Easy-Peasy DIY Autumn Wreath

Hello and welcome to FALL! I am truly at my peak form during September-December so get ready for some FUN. 

I thought I would kick off the season with an easy diy fall wreath. I found this straw form at a yard sale but you can buy them for under 10 bucks at any craft store. I chose to keep my wreath minimal but you could add some autumn wreath picks or tiny pumpkins to really make a statement, especially if you have a bigger wreath. 


You will need:

🎃 1 straw or grapevine wreath
🎃 1-2 bundles of burlap ribbon- I found a ton of cute ribbon at Michaels
🎃 1 bundle of faux sunflowers
🎃 low temp hot glue gun and glue sticks
🎃 any extra fall stuff you want to add- leaves, acorns, pine cones, dried baby's breath, etc.

Your first step is to assemble your wreath and put everything roughly where you want it to be before you break out the glue gun. With the ribbon, you can loosely wrap it around the wreath like I've done, or you can make a few bows and arrange them sporadically, but I can't make those pretty bows so here we are. I wrapped my ribbon around the wreath leaving wide enough gaps so that the straw shows through. 
When placing the sunflowers, make sure you use an odd number of blooms so that the wreath is balanced. I used the baby's breath to make that area look more full. 


After you have all of your decorations where you want them it's time to glue them down. For the ribbon, I put a dot of glue under each section of it on the outer edge of the wreath so that it's secure and flat to the wreath in a way you won't see looking at it directly. If you wanted to, I think a few bundles of dried wheat that you can buy at the craft store would look SO beautiful peeking out from under the sunflowers. 


I arranged the leaves randomly, folding them along the main "veins" so that they looked textured and more lifelike. I used the baby's breath here for the same reason as the sunflowers, to fill it and add a bit more visual appeal. I think if you want a real statement wreath you can put the leaves around the entire top half of the wreath, but I kept mine to the side to stay more minimal. Here would be a good place to add different types of "foliage" like acorns or pinecones. 


I added this lil' scarecrow and he just looks as happy and as cute as ever! If you want him to be permanent, add a dot of glue to the base and secure it to the ribbon. Another thing that would look cute in the center would be a little banner or scroll with a sweet and cheesy "it's fall y'all" type saying! I might just switch my scarecrow out for that later! 

There you have it! A happy little fall wreath just waiting to shine above your mantle or greet people at your front door! I hope you give this a try, I'd love to see what you create!