How to Spend an Afternoon in Corydon, IN


Do you ever feel like you just need to escape your day to day scenery? I've been feeling stuck in a rut lately and just needed a change. This past week I spent the day in Corydon, Indiana. The main road in Corydon isn't anything remarkable with a plethora of chain restaurants and a huge Wal-Mart, but a few streets over in the Historic District lie hidden gems tucked away in beautiful 19th century buildings. For those of you who don't know, I'm going to drop some good ol' Indiana facts on you-- Corydon was the first capital of Indiana. There is so much history in the town square that includes the first Indiana state house, that they were added to the National Register of Historic Places in the 70's. The buildings are beautiful and right now the historic district is going through a major facelift including the addition of luxury apartments and new green spaces. Below, I'll share with you a few of my favorite Corydon gems! 


Fredrick's Cafe is a little hole in the wall diner/cafe that has a pretty big breakfast and lunch menu with tons of options. It's cheap and delicious and the walls are splashed with memorabilia from decades past. I went with my mom and grandma for lunch and we all loved the experience! 


This shop is heaven for that farmhouse/shabby chic style. There's not a single spot that isn't covered in cuteness. Super realistic faux flowers and cheeky signs are a staple here. After you leave here you are going to want to redecorate your entire house, trust me. 


You heard me right, Butt Drugs. Founded in 1952, Butt drugs is an independent pharmacy complete with a vintage soda fountain and milkshake stand, antique toys, and vintage pharmacy products like caffeine pills and powdered Listerine. Butt Drugs is cute, but it's also a really cool historical gem that deserves a pop in. 


The Old Town Store was my absolute favorite place we visited all day. Their sign says vintage Americana and there is nothing more accurate to describe this store. It's an old service station turned perfectly curated antique store. The front half, still smelling of oil and tires, is filled with more traditionally "masculine" items. Shaving sets, pin-up-girl calendars, old work shirts, and even vintage Tonka Winnebagos fill every nook and cranny. The next room is more "feminine." Beautiful vintage pyrex, dressers, aprons, tablecloths, jewelry, and even old makeup are perfectly set out and displayed. It was a dream come true for me. This store is pretty reasonably priced and a definite gem.


The White House Candy Co. is an adorable confectioner that is decorated floor to ceiling in black, white, and Tiffany Blue. It would be a perfect spot to catch up with girlfriends or have a bookclub meeting. The shop sells truffles and a variety of other homemade chocolates, ice cream and shakes, and a plethora of other popular candies. It is such a beautiful shop and would be the perfect place to buy gifts for friends and family. Don't pass up the truffles they are to die for!


Last fun sweet stop on the list is Emery's Ice Cream. Emery's is a refurbished 1950's soda fountain and just oozes history and charm. Cute signs advertising Mama Emery's homemade treats adorn the walls and a giant vintage Coca Cola cooler sits in the corner filled with a variety of sodas. I got the Cousin Willie's buttered popcorn and caramel swirl (!!!!) ice cream in a waffle cone and it truly solved all of my problems. On the way out I grabbed a fresh squeezed lemonade that was made right in front of me and I am still thinking about it. Emery's is the perfect date-night nostalgia shop. 

As I mentioned before, the Corydon square is stepping up their game and adding tons of new shops and restaurants. It's worth it to take a trip out to the country to explore. You could even finish your day by going to a show at Corydon LIVE which often features classic impersonators like Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and of course Elvis. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, sorry for being MIA for so long. Unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way of what you love. I'm making it a priority to start blogging more regularly and I have some super exciting things planned. 


Love you guys.